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# Friday, November 15, 2013
The Third Rule of HR Software Purchasing

The Third Rule of HR Software Purchasing


Bad service can undermine even the best HR software.


Vendors who provide consistently poor service simply aren’t worth your time and money — no matter how impressive their software appears. On the other hand, vendors who provide great service can make their products seem absolutely indispensable.


So, when you’re shopping for your next solution, remember the third rule of HR software purchasing: The service you get is just as important as the product you get.


Purchasing software is just the beginning of your relationship with a vendor, and the quality of that relationship is determined, in large part, by the quality of the service you receive. For example, you might want to have the software customized before implementing it. Or you might need the vendor’s guidance to master certain features.


As a rule, vendors who provide quality service are keenly aware of customer needs and preferences. The result—they’re much more likely to continuously update their software to better serve users.


For all of these reasons, it’s vital to select a vendor who will “be there” for you.


But how do you ensure you get quality service?


A few suggestions:

·         Consider getting service levels and parameters spelled out in writing.

·         Ask questions about how service will be provided during demos and sales discussions.

·         Pay attention to how you are treated during the sales process.

·         Ask vendors’ existing clients about the level of service they receive.


Bottom line, a good vendor is going to be your partner long after you’ve made a purchase, so choose wisely.


(Curious about the other rules? Learn about them by downloading our white paper, “The Five Rules of Buying Benefits Software,” at http://www.benefitwerks.com/wp/)

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