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Advantages for Brokers & Insurance Carriers

How we add value to our partners and their clients.

BenefitWerks' HR software solutions allow our broker and insurance carrier partners to offer their clients the right HR tool for the job.

BenefitWerks' flexible HR software can help you improve sales and:

  • Offer clients access to easy-to-use online HR solutions
  • Help clients eliminate costs, improve processes, reduce administrative work—all while maintaining excellent service.
  • Deliver HR and benefits reports packed with data and insights that clients can use to improve operations and reduce costs.
  • Provide automated feeds of data to insurance carriers and other key vendors.
  • Use the power and convenience of co-browsing to provide an exceptional user experience.
  • Provide video presentations throughout the enrollment process.
  • Broaden your partner portfolio and HR service delivery.

Our HR/Benefits toolbox helps your clients improve:

Online Benefits Enrollment - We take the burden of annual enrollment off of your clients by giving their employees 24/7 access to one of the industry's most well-designed, user-friendly self-enrollment systems.

Employee Benefits Administration - Our software and systems eliminate the most labor-intensive and time-consuming aspects of benefits administration, freeing your clients to focus on more strategic activities. Plus, thanks to our reliable online platform, your clients no longer need to print, update and distribute costly forms, SPDs and summary booklets.

COBRA Administration - Your clients no longer need to worry over the multitude of details and ongoing tasks associated with COBRA administration. Notification letters, critical forms, helpful reminders, data management - BenefitWerks' HR/Benefits toolbox helps you handle it all.

Time & Expense Applications - Our powerfully intuitive software makes it easier than ever for your clients to generate and track timesheets, expense reports and invoices.

Compensation Statements - BenefitWerks helps your clients communicate the full value of their benefits and compensation packages by creating clear, compelling and accurate total compensation statements.

About BenefitWerks

At BenefitWerks, we believe in working smarter not harder. It may sound trite, but when we say smart, we're talking quick, easy-to-use, cost-effective online software solutions that turn complicated HR employee benefits problems into child's play.

Our toolbox of administrative HR tools has delivered immediate return on investment time and time again. Learn more about BenefitWerks and our trend-setting benefits enrollment software and administrative solutions.

Time is Money

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