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Agile and Accurate Electronic Data Interchange

When you partner with BenefitWerks, we offer an easy-to-manage, scalable, and full-service benefits experience. Our partner connections save you time and valuable resources, improve accuracy and enhance compliance with HIPAA, ERISA, ACA and COBRA, with our Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), services. This means your HR team will no longer need to manually enter benefit plan information and keep it up to date across multiple systems.

BenefitWerks offers extreme Flexibility. We believe this attribute makes BenefitWerks stand apart from other employee benefits software systems. Instead of forcing our customers to complete complex file templates for importing data, we customize our agile system to meet the needs of our clients. BenefitWerks partners with Carriers, TPAs and Payroll companies to accept their pre-existing file layouts and will assume the task of formatting the information into the BenefitWerks system. We take pride in helping you minimize the risk of data entry errors while saving valuable hours of time.

BenefitWerks is also partnered with LIMRA Data Exchange (LDEx) Standards® advisory committee to help pioneer the standardization of the post enrollment data exchanged between insurance carriers and benefits administration technology companies for employee workplace benefits, which aims to reduce errors, drive consistency, and streamline the process.

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