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New Years 2012
Three Reasons Benefits Communications Matter More Than Ever

It’s no secret that effective employee communications is a key ingredient in the recipe for successful organizational leadership. A well-informed workforce is a happy and engaged workforce, and that is especially true when it comes to sharing information about healthcare plans and benefits enrollment.

There are many advantages to ensuring that your employees clearly understand their insurance plan options, what amenities and incentives are available, how to navigate the enrollment process, and where to go when they need help.

Good communication about benefits can save you money in administrative costs and encourage participation in your organization’s group plan. Appropriate communication techniques – such as knowing your audience, providing adequate prompts and reminders, and using visual tools and branding to create a coordinated approach – are free and low cost ways to get the most out of your provider’s plan. As the landscape continues to change, here are three timely reasons why it’s important that your organization fosters a clear, informative dialogue about health benefits.

1. Healthcare reform is the hot topic. You may have done everything that’s technically required to educate your employees about healthcare reform, but that doesn’t mean your staff feels the same way. With sound bites about healthcare coming at us from a range of sources and angles, it can be difficult to sift through the clutter to find the important information.

Don’t let water cooler talk dilute your message. Be proactive and take the extra steps get the information out there. Explain to your team how their benefits options will be affected by recent and ongoing changes to health insurance practices. Otherwise, speculation and misinformation could work against your bottom line.

2. It’s critical to enrollment process. Benefits communication can make or break your company’s enrollment process. Workers who effectively understand their available options, and your organization’s enrollment procedures, are much more likely to have a successful enrollment experience.

Under-informed employees are less likely to opt-in during enrollment, driving down participation rates. They are also less likely to take full advantage of perks such as wellness initiatives and discount programs, leading to lower employee satisfaction.

3. Benefits packages are a valuable recruiting and retention tool. Your workforce drives your success. In order to attract high-quality employees, it’s crucial that you highlight everything your organization has to offer. An appealing benefits package could be the deciding factor for a potential new hire, so don’t sell your company short. Be certain your HR team is sharing the most helpful and up-to-date information during the interview process.

And, don’t discount the importance of sound benefits communication when it comes to your existing staff. Open, two-way communication is a priority for workers across every industry and workplace. By clearly demonstrating the incentives and benefits associated with your group plan, you can remind them that you value their hard work.

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