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Solution Screenshots

Sometimes seeing is believing.

Sometimes seeing is believing when it comes to HR & Benefit Enrollment solutions. Check out a few, filterable screenshots. Click any of the thumbnails to enlarge and learn more.

  • Administration
    Dependent Administration

    Manage, add and edit employee benefit dependents and review benefit eligibility quickly and easily.

  • Dashboard

    The solution dashboard gives administrators and users fast and easy access to all the system's features.

  • Enrollment Wizard
    Enrollment Wizard

    Our setup wizard makes benefits self-enrollment easy and frees up internal resources.

  • Management
    Enrollment Manager

    Our system's benefits enrollment manager gives administrators oversight into popular benefits.

    COBRA Administration

    Save time and money when managing your COBRA Administration responsibilities.

  • Setup
    Feed Setup

    The BenefitWerks system includes easy-to-setup electronic feeds for automatic notifications.

  • Insurability

    Review evidence of insurability and manage benefits eligibility - all in one, easy-to-use place.

  • Document Library
    Document Library

    Create and manage a central repository of HR and Benefits-related documents accessible by the organization.

  • People
    People Maintenance

    Manage and maintain accurate and up-to-date records on employees, their status and eligibility.

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