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Advantages for Employers’ HR Administration

Let BenefitWerks do the HR and benefits administration work.

BenefitWerks' HR and benefits administration solutions help employers lower costs, increase enrollment, automates critical processes, and so much more.

BenefitWerks' HR software helps your organization:

  • Reduce the costs and workload associated with benefits enrollment and administration.
  • Promote employee self-reliant during benefit enrollment, freeing your internal HR team to focus on more critical needs.
  • Eliminate the need to create, update, print and distribute costly forms, SPDs and other materials with our online system.
  • Help to automate benefits enrollment and other critical processes.
  • Provide video presentations to your employees as they go through the benefits enrollment process.
  • Improve the accuracy and integrity of your HR data as well as your ability to share it with insurance carriers and other key vendors.
  • Incorporate bi-directional integration to your HR systems.
  • Improve HIPAA compliance.
  • Improve the speed and efficiency of your HR & benefits administration.

In addition, BenefitWerks' HR software solutions are flexible and highly customizable to meet your organization’s specific needs. And we offer you the option of purchasing our comprehensive HR/Benefits toolbox or an a la carte selection of solutions.

BenefitWerks' HR & Benefits toolbox includes:

Online Benefits Enrollment – We relieve your HR staff of the burdens of annual enrollment by giving your employees 24/7 access to one of the industry's most well-designed, user-friendly self-enrollment systems. We guide them every step of the way through the enrollment process, ensuring they complete the process accurately and on time. The online enrollment is also now mobile friendly.

Employee Benefits Administration – Our software and systems eliminate the most labor-intensive and time-consuming aspects of benefits administration, freeing your HR staff to focus on more strategic activities. And with our reliable online platform, you no longer need to create, update, print and distribute costly forms, SPDs and summary booklets.

COBRA Administration – As part of our platform, we have included the option for our customers to self-administer their COBRA with ease. This includes the creation of Initial Notice and Qualifying Event Notices, the ability to collect and track payments and sending COBRA elections over to the applicable carriers.

Compensation Statements – BenefitWerks helps your organization communicate the full value of its benefits and compensation packages with clear, compelling and accurate total compensation statements.

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