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How To Enroll

Step by step instruction on enrolling in benefits


  1. Login to BenefitWerks using your unique login information (Login information should be obtained from your benefits administrator.)
  2. Once you are logged into BenefitWerks, click on the “Enroll Now” icon in the “Action Items”
  3. This will direct you to the beginning of the enrollment Click the “Start Enrollment” button to begin.
  4. Once you have begun enrollment a list of the available plans will appear on the left of your screen (this is the navigation pane). Complete the current plan’s page and click the “Save and Continue” button on the toolbar to advance to the next page in the enrollment.
  5. You may not move forward to a new page in the enrollment without completing the previous page. However, once you have completed a page you may click that page in the navigation menu to go back.
  6. Once you reach the end of the enrollment you will be directed to the “Open Enrollment Summary” page. Here you may review elections or go back to previously completed pages to make Once you are satisfied with the elections click the “Submit” button to submit the elections. You have now finished the enrollment process.
  7. After you have submitted your enrollment elections you will notice the “Enroll Now” icon has now changed to “Confirmation Statement”. To view and/or print your statement please click on the icon “Confirmation Statement”.


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Need Assistance?

  1. If you need help logging in, refer to your employer’s instructions or contact the human resources department directly.
  2. Click here to view step-by-step enrollment instructions.
  3. Login here with credentials from your HR manager.