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AI Technology and its Influence on Employee Benefits

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One of the most valuable outcomes from the pandemic is the growth and expansion of high-tech tools to improve operational efficiencies for organizations and human resource professionals. With that, health and safety alongside finances have become more of a household topic of concern in the last year, resulting in employees thinking about their company benefits, the costs and how to best utilize their benefits, more frequently than just during open enrollment.

Technology tools for work have always been designed to enhance productivity, but employers are also seeing the positive impact that tech can have on helping HR teams with complex and time-consuming processes in areas such as employee benefits. In the past employees had to rely on a phone number on the back of their insurance card or the daunting task of calling a representative in a call center and navigating a complex and time consuming IVR system. Now AI (artificial intelligence) and chat bots are giving way to real time help to employees whom are needing assistance better understanding their company benefits, figuring out network coverages, deductibles and out of pocket expenses.

Artificial intelligence-powered chatbots can service employee’s with benefit inquiries at a lower cost, and more frequently than traditional call centers or dedicated benefits administration employees within an HR department, freeing up staff to allow them to perform higher level tasks. AI can provide guidance to ensure employees understand how to use their benefits correctly and make educated decisions about their healthcare.

Benefits are no longer a one size fits all environment for organizations or employees. In fact many US employees find themselves feeling anxious about unplanned expenses and unaware how to fully utilize their benefits. Because employee satisfaction is important to many companies worldwide and retaining top talent has always been forefront. HR professionals along with insurance carriers are becoming more sensitive to the different ways that employees and consumers prefer to give and receive communication, as well as any potential language barriers or operational units in different time zones. Having 24/7 self service assistance available is imperative in today’s diverse and dispersed workplaces. Applications powered by AI are helping HR professionals, Insurance carriers and brokers achieve these strategies more efficiently.

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